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Sara Sewell

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I am. What wonderful words these are. To know that I exist in my human form simply to be. And in my being, I am loving and growing with each person who is and comes into my life, and with each experience I encounter. While I am pleased with my accomplishments to include college degrees, successful work experiences, and somehow surviving childhood trauma, I do not define myself by this. I define myself through my spirit, my soul, and my internal being. While I stumble routinely, I strive to maintain my inner loving, giving, receiving, and allowing. I am every emotion, and I lovingly accept this truth.

     Amongst many occupational endeavors, I’ve had the opportunity to take on roles as high school English teacher and college composition instructor, but I’ve found my greatest joy from my roles as mother to my strong, beautiful daughter and as life partner to my giving and loving husband. Whether I am enjoying good conversations with these two or with other great people in my life, I continue to feel enriched each time I share and learn with others.

     Gazing at turquoise water while sitting on a sugar white sand beach is my happy place, but experiencing life through travel, biking, walking, gardening, meditation, and belly laughing comedies are also things that help me smile and breathe and appreciate why we all exist.

    I, as you are, am here to joyously learn through giving, receiving, and allowing with and through LOVE in the broadest sense of the word. And, yes, to smile, laugh and cry through it all.

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