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What Readers Are Saying

Reviews for Because No One Asked

 I read “Because No one Asked” and think it is an incredible piece of literature. It is beautiful, gut wrenching, courageous and made me stop reading several times because I was so overcome with emotion. To know that you surfaced on the other side whole, is nothing short of a miracle. The poetry interspersed does a masterful job of painting your horrifying experiences and also the love that came along. ~ L. Saunders

Your life being told thru this book is a MASTERPIECE. So far, I am left wondering how it all started, then I am feeling like I need to know more. I am looking forward to seeing this MASTERPIECE get published. I feel a great honor that you shared this with me. I am one of the many that will read this book of your life and feel a sense of oneness. It is Because no one asked, that your readers will know that they are not alone. ~ M. Ogden

This is fantastic - fantastic in a way that is real and raw and touches my heart. I want to read more if you are willing to share. I  believe you have hit something here in a universal truth. ~ H. Landry

You certainly are a gifted writer and to be able to write about something as horrific as what you have experienced takes tremendous courage. No one should endure the trauma you have been through. By writing and telling your story, you will help others maybe tell their stories or seek the help they need to start the healing process. I look forward to reading the rest of your book when you get it published. It needs to be shared, and thank you for the courage to tell it. Remember, I AM. ~ S. Moniz

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